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Welcome to True Insight psychic readings, We offer psychic and tarot readings, as well as a choice of same day psychic readings.I am Katherine, but I'm known as Kat to my friends, I am a natural clairvoyant and I have been working giving psychic readings for many years now using pure clairvoyance, tarot cards, my spirit guides, the angelic realms and my crystal ball to bring you an honest and to the point psychic reading.

A short time ago my workload of psychic readings and other spiritual work became too much for me to carry on alone, so I found an assistant to help me, this worked very well for a while, Kate is a very sensitive clairvoyant and soon we were both very busy! I have now chosen a very small team of hand picked psychics, clairvoyants and tarot readers and there are now 10 and at times 11 of us working to bring sensitive and help psychic readings in the quickest possible time, whenever you feel the need for help and guidance. We are unlikely to expand our particular group any more as I prefer the personal touch with our psychic readers, and the group we have seems to be working perfectly. I am still very much a hands on psychic and I work taking readings on a full time basis as well as looking after the administration side of the site. So if you email you will most likely find it is me that responds to your query, but emails can be sent to any of our team of psychics and they will receive them. We are not a company like some of the big web sites and tarot lines, we are more like a small family or community group.

At true insight we offer sensitive online tarot, or postal psychic readings. All of our Psychic tarot readings and reports use true clairvoyant insight. Our  Clairvoyants can complete the psychic readings below by using the following choices, Angel readings, psychic readings, tarot readings, psychic tarot readings spirit guide and angels or pure clairvoyance. Please note we do not offer Mediumship readings by email.

Please choose how many questions you would like to ask, and then when you click to order you will be offered the choice of which online clairvoyant reader you would like to undertake your psychic reading or the quickest psychic available for a super speedy psychic reading! At this point you also get to choose which method you would like them to use.  You will then be transferred to our secure site to make your payment.

We are experts in psychic love readings and offer relationship help, advice, support through psychic guidance. you can choose to have your online psychic tarot reading by email, or clairvoyant live readings by chat system are available. Readings listed below

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Amber-Jane is one of our Psychic Readers, originally from Brighton in East Sussex, she has a special gift of using the psychic information that she is given, and also completes dowsing with pendulums, both in her personal life and for her online clients.  Although here at true insight we do not actually carry out past life readings at the present time, if information on your past lives, does come up during your psychic reading we will make sure that this information is passed on. From time to time we hold a draw for a Free Psychic Reading forecast. Please call back as this will be advertised on our website.

You can rely on True Insight when you need help, guidance and support, using pure clairvoyance, angelic help and tarot card readings and reports. all of our clairvoyance are based in the UK, and we only use clairvoyants and psychics that are capable of  bringing you their spiritual wisdom and psychic predictions and work from the heart with love and true insight.

We totally value your privacy, everything is confidential and we never pass on your information to any third party. All of our services/readings are aimed at giving you advice/guidance for the way forward. How you act upon our guidance is entirely your choice. True insight along with all of the services offered have to be stated by UK law to be for entertainment only.

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