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True Insights Psychics

Kat, A traditional clairvoyant working with spirit from a young age.

Amber-Jane, a modern clairvoyant and tarot reader. Genuine psychic reader.

Liam, genuine and honest, will give you a reading from spirit guides or with cards.

Eileen, Long standing and experienced psychic and tarot reader. Kind and sensitive.

Mia, experienced in reading all cards and pure clairvoyance readings.

Jenny, in depth readings, sensitive to all needs.

Tanya, excellent psychic and tarot reader. Born with the gift and relationship specialist.

Louisa, a true clairvoyant. Happy to read with tarot cards too.

Trevor, a traditional psychic & experienced tarot reader, genuine with a sense of fun included!

Kate, a well known and inspiring clairvoyant. Also a master tarot reader.