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Frequently asked Questions

What is the aim of True Insight?

At true insight we aim to provide non-judgemental, accurate and positive advice for the way forward using the gift of clairvoyance along with tarot, or angelic help depending on your requirements.

How does True Insight pick its Clairvoyants?
At True Insight we go to great lengths to choose readers who are skilled, professional, experienced and caring psychics. Only readers that we would go to ourselves, trust fully and recommend to our closest friends would pass our stringent tests. We are not a large commercial organisation, We are a family run company. But I have chosen a group of like minded people who work together very well.

I have a number of questions that relate to other people, do I have to include their names and dates of birth?

Yes please.  It is important for psychics to have these details, the first name and date of birth of each person you are asking about if at all possible.  Sometimes the birth sign and age will help if no other information is available.  We will always read for you with the information given, please ask if in doubt.

Is your site monitored all the time, and can I contact you at any time?

Because this is a family run site, we are not available 24 hours a day seven days a week. We are UK based, and the site and e-mail is monitored every day, there is a telephone number on the contact page for any urgent requests or information by text between 9am-8pm. But please be aware of any time differences before you make a call as you are ringing our home and not a call centre.. You will normally get a reply to an e-mail within a few hours, and if your need is urgent we recommend that you mark the e-mail as urgent.

Can I contact the site by telephone?

In the event of any query relating to your order etc, please do text , but please note that we do not offer telephone readings or services, and the telephone number listed  is as a point of contact should e-mail fail etc only. And is not a direct line to any of the clairvoyants listed on our site. You should find that your text will be answered quickly, Please note that you are calling our homes and I would respectfully ask you not to text after 8 p.m. at night.  Texts 9am-8pm only.Please note we UK based (GMT)


What will the payment show up as on my credit card statement?
It will show as Indigo Star on your credit card statement or bank statement.


 How much to your readings cost?

Our readings start from £14.99 on . On this website that offers same day readings our readings start from just £14.99.


How is an Email reading different to a telephone reading or a face-to-face reading?
An Email reading is different in many ways, but it does mean that we concentrate and pick up on you without outside influences of the way you speak, or the way you look etc.  We have a very high level of accuracy for e-mail readings, which we carry out just the same as if you were sitting with us,  and we often find that the concentration that we are able to have completing your reading in the peace and quiet of our own homes allows us to link in very well and bring up information that may otherwise have been missed.

How can I get the most benefit from my reading?
You will get the most from your reading by making sure that you ask the questions that are on your mind, and ensuring that we have the names and dates of birth of anybody else that you're asking about. This allows us to tune in with the information that you really need, rather than things that are not at the forefront of your mind at this time.


How often should I have a reading?
That is very much down to your personal choice, you may find that it is to your advantage to have regular readings whilst going through a difficult time in your life, but when things have settled down you may want to leave between one month and three months between readings.  Your own intuition will often guide you on this.  Our psychics will advise you personally if you are unsure, and we do go to great lengths to ensure that people do not become dependent on our clairvoyants, although of course we understand fully that during difficult times you may need more support than normal. As a rough guide I would say, during a difficult time once per week/2 weeks and then maybe once per month or one every three months from there on.


Are there any questions that you will not answer within your readings?
Yes. We do not predict death, answer questions on health which includes pregnancy, and we do not assist with the selection of lottery numbers.  We will answer questions about a third party, but only within the context of your own reading.  We do not complete whole readings on others without their permission.


What is the difference between psychic and mediumship readings?

In order to carry out a psychic reading, our clairvoyance link in with their guides and other helpers from the angelic and spiritual realms, Psychic Readings provide psychically obtained information about your life/relationships/career, and much more, and the information is linked to your energy within your aura, and the blueprint of your life. You may find information within Psychic Readings relate specifically to your past, present and future. 

Mediumship Readings are about connecting with the people closest to you who have passed into the Spirit world, it is my personal belief that you need to have a good connection face-to-face in order to carry out this type of work, as the information needs to be relayed instantly to keep the connection going. Occasionally mediumship information does come through in a Email reading, and where this happens we will always pass that information over to you.

Who's the best psychic reader and how do I choose a reader?
There is not just one psychic reader that is best for everyone, a lot depends on your personal intuition, how you feel about a particular person from their testimonials, any previous contact with them, and maybe by looking at the pictures on this page within the site. Sometimes you will be guided with personal recommendations, either from friends or ourselves and some people that work for true insight specialise in some areas of life more than others.  If you are unsure please e-mail us to ask who would be best for your needs.  If you choose to go for the next available psychic, we will match your information and questions with the person that we feel is best for you in the soonest possible time.

What is the waiting time for a reading?

We aim to turn all readings booked before 2pm Monday to Friday and before noon on Saturdays. (Except Sundays) the same day. Same Day Bookings made after 2pm or at weekends will be completed the next working day. If you choose to go for the next available psychic then the response will be quicker.  Should there be any delays at the time of ordering we will notify you.


We totally value your privacy, everything is confidential and we never pass on your information to any third party. All of our services/readings are aimed at giving you advice/guidance for the way forward. How you act upon our guidance is entirely your choice. True insight along with all of the services offered have to be stated by UK law to be for entertainment only.