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Welcome to our website, I am Katherine, but I'm known as Kat to my friends, I am a natural clairvoyant and I have been working giving psychic readings for many years now using pure clairvoyance, tarot cards, my spirit guides, the angelic realms and my crystal ball to bring you an honest and to the point psychic reading.

Some time ago my workload of psychic readings and other spiritual work became too much for me to carry on alone, so I found an assistant to help me, this worked very well for a while, Kate is a very sensitive clairvoyant and soon we were both very busy! I have now brought together a small team of hand picked psychics, clairvoyants and tarot readers, forming a group and not a company. There are now 10 and at times 11 of us working to bring sensitive and help psychic readings in the quickest possible time, whenever you feel the need for help and guidance. This approach has also led to the customers of individual psychics being able to be introduced to new online readers safe in the knowledge that by their association with the group they can be trusted, the number or online psychic readers can vary but its currently 10.  And as the site has been established as a source for good quality online readings for some time, the public have grown to trust all its readers both new and old. More recently we were approached about joining forces with some other small groups and we are in the process of doing this now, this is how Indigo star psychic readings group was born. Many psychic and clairvoyant online readers realised that they could work together and yet still maintain their own identities, and this is what we have done. Everything here at True Insight remains the same, the only change that you will notice is that we now have a new payment name on your statements= Indigo Star.. All of us involved see this as a great union, a bit like a marriage and as with every happy marriage the individual identities are still there but now they are strengthened and supported to provide the best UK based online psychic reading service. By sharing resources such as payment facilities and web hosting the psychics can focus more of their attention on what you want, a sensitive online reading at a reasonable price. Please note we do not offer Mediumship readings by email.

The payment name on your statements when you book a reading with us will be Indigo Star. PayPal is also now available for readings. For the time being payments for spells will still show as True Insight but that too will be changing over to Indigo Star. To learn more about Indigo Star please have a look at this page.